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  "Both Sides Now (WCD025)

(Workshop CD) by Tull Glazener


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  NEW WORKSHOP CDS: printed the tab sheets out on "heavy" (card-stock) paper, and packaged inside a "clear poly project folder" that even has a pocket for a CD on the inside and each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction...
Tull now has teaching CDs available for selected tunes/arrangements.  Each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction, taking the student through the tunes step by step, note by note, chord by chord, gradually working up speed, and culminating with "play along" tracks at the end.  Students learn new techniques and new tunes at the same time.  It's like having a workshop instructor in your living room - except that you can hit "rewind" or "repeat" for those tricky sections!



















Both Sides Now
Mt Dulcimer Workshop
With Tull Glazener

Canadian born Roberta Joan Anderson, aka Joni Mitchell, is a singer/songwriter, painter, poet, and musician.  She became a folk music icon in the 1960’s, performing her original songs in coffee houses, and street busking on both the east and west coasts.   Among her best known songs are “Big Yellow Taxi”, “A Case of You”, and “Chelsea Morning”.  “Both Sides Now” eclipses all those in terms of popularity and recognition.   It was first recorded in 1968 by Judi Collins.   Joni didn’t record it herself  until her 1970 recording titled “Clouds”. 

A childhood bout with polio left Joni’s left hand somewhat weakened, making guitar playing difficult.  She compensated by inventing various “open chord” tunings, and also became proficient on ukulele and mt. dulcimer.   That may be why many of her compositions seem to lay out so beautifully on the diatonic fret board of the dulcimer.  David Schnaufer recorded a version of the tune with Mark O’Connor on O’Connor’s album entitled “Elysian Forest”.

This arrangement has 2 parts – the melody, and a harmony/backup part.  The 70-minute CD is divided up into individual tracks covering small sections of each part in detail, looping entire parts, and culminating with a “play-along” track that combines both parts.


In music and friendship,

Music and lyrics by JONI MITCHELL
Copyright © 1967  CRAZY CROW MUSIC
This Arrangement © Copyright 2012 by SONY/ATV TUNES LLC OBO CRAZY CROW MUSIC
All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission


1. Demo

10. Measures 16-20


2. Intro/Tuning

11. Measures 10-20

19. Harmony 10-13


12. Entire Melody

20. Harmony 14-15

3. Measures 1-2


21. Harmony 16-20

4. Measures 3-4

13. Harmony Demo

22. Harmony 10-20

5. Measures 1-4

14. Harmony 1-2

23. Entire Harmony

6. Measures 5-8

15. Harmony 3-4


7. Measures 1-8

16. Harmony 1-4


8. Measures 10-13

17. Harmony 5-8


9. Measures 14-15

18. Harmony 1-8

24. Both Parts, 4 times

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Item Name: "Both Sides Now" - Workshop CD for the mountain dulcimer arrangement by Tull Glazener
Item Number: WCD025
Price: $15.00

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