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 (Workshop CD) by Tull Glazener


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  NEW WORKSHOP CDS: printed the tab sheets out on "heavy" (card-stock) paper, and packaged inside a "clear poly project folder" that even has a pocket for a CD on the inside and each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction...
Tull now has teaching CDs available for selected tunes/arrangements.  Each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction, taking the student through the tunes step by step, note by note, chord by chord, gradually working up speed, and culminating with "play along" tracks at the end.  Students learn new techniques and new tunes at the same time.  It's like having a workshop instructor in your living room - except that you can hit "rewind" or "repeat" for those tricky sections!



















Don't Fence Me In
Mt Dulcimer Workshop
With Tull Glazener

20th Century Fox studios commissioned American composer Cole Porter to "write a cowboy song" for a film musical it was producing in 1934 to be titled "Adios Argentina". An Indiana native, Porter had never traveled west of the Mississippi in his life. He came across a poem written by a highway engineer from Montana named Robert Fletcher, and adapted the lyrics to pair with the now familiar melody. The original film for which it was intended was never released, but 10 years later, the song was resurrected when Roy Rogers sang it in a film called "Hollywood Canteen". The song was an immediate hit, so much so that a few years later, Rogers made another film entitled "Don't Fence Me In", and performed the title song along with Dale Evans and the Sons of the Pioneers. The list of artists who have since recorded it include Kate Smith, Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra. It has become one of the most recognizable "cowboy/western" songs in American pop culture, perhaps second only to "Home on the Range".

The 70-minute workshop CD will take you through the tune measure by measure, note by note, chord by chord, with detailed instructions on fingerings and other playing techniques, culminating with a "play along" track at the end. Enjoy!

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This Arrangement © Copyright 2008 by WB MUSIC CORP.
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  CD Track List:


10: Measures 11 - 12

1: Demo

11: Measures 13 - 14

2: Intro/Tuning

12: Measures 15 - 16

3: Measures 0 - 3

13: Measures 0 - 16

4: Measures 3 - 4

14: Measures 17 - 18

5: Measures 0 - 4

15: Measures 19 - 22

6: Measures 5 - 6

16: Measures 23 - 24

7: Measures 7 - 8

17: Measures 25 - 32

8: Measures 0 - 8

18: Measures 17 - 32

9: Measures 9 - 10



Don't Fence Me In -  mp3 Demo sound clip

Item Name: Don't Fence Me In - Workshop CD for mountain dulcimer arrangement by Tull Glazener
Item Number: WCD014
Price: $15.00

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