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  Click for a large view of the Vicent Workshop CD with the mountain dulcimer arrangement and teaching by Tull Glazener www.tullglazener.com used by permissionWCD006-Vincent(Workshop CD) by Tull Glazener

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  NEW WORKSHOP CDS: printed the tab sheets out on "heavy" (card-stock) paper, and packaged inside a "clear poly project folder" that even has a pocket for a CD on the inside and each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction...
Tull now has teaching CDs available for selected tunes/arrangements.  Each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction, taking the student through the tunes step by step, note by note, chord by chord, gradually working up speed, and culminating with "play along" tracks at the end.  Students learn new techniques and new tunes at the same time.  It's like having a workshop instructor in your living room - except that you can hit "rewind" or "repeat" for those tricky sections!








VINCENT (Starry Starry Night)

Mountain Dulcimer Workshop

With Tull Glazener 

“Vincent” (aka “Starry Starry Night) was written by singer/songwriter Don McLean in 1971, shortly after he had read a book about the life of artist Vincent Van Gogh.  The song became wildly popular, even eclipsing his previous mega-hit “American Pie”, which he had released just a few years earlier.  In the late 1970’s the Van Gogh museum placed a copy of the sheet music, together with a set of Van Gogh’s paint brushes, in a time capsule beneath the museum.  The poignant melody matches the mood painted by the lyrics perfectly, but can also stand by itself as an instrumental.  The tune lays out beautifully on the diatonic fret board of the mountain dulcimer.  The teaching CD takes you through the tune note by note, measure by measure.  In the process of learning the tune, you will also learn techniques to make your playing more lyrical.

Words and Music by Don McLean
Copyright © 1971, 1972 BENNY BIRD CO., INC.    Copyrights Renewed
This arrangement Copyright  © 2006 BENNY BIRD CO., INC.
All Rights Controlled and Administered by SONGS OF UNIVERSAL, INC.    
All Rights Reserved.  
Used by Permission

Vincent MP3 Demo

Item Name: "Vincent" - Workshop CD for the mountain dulcimer arrangement by Tull Glazener
Item Number: WCD006
Price: $15.00

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1. Demo
2. Intro/tuning
3 - 9 Verse One
4 - 15 Bridge One
16 - 21 Bridge Two
22. Ending
23. All Together