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  NEW WORKSHOP CDS: printed the tab sheets out on "heavy" (card-stock) paper, and packaged inside a "clear poly project folder" that even has a pocket for a CD on the inside and each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction...
Tull now has teaching CDs available for selected tunes/arrangements.  Each CD contains approximately 60 minutes of instruction, taking the student through the tunes step by step, note by note, chord by chord, gradually working up speed, and culminating with "play along" tracks at the end.  Students learn new techniques and new tunes at the same time.  It's like having a workshop instructor in your living room - except that you can hit "rewind" or "repeat" for those tricky sections!








”Jamaica Farewell” is usually attributed to Irving Burgie, who also published a number of songs under the name of “Lord Burgess”.  He was born to West Indian parents in Brooklyn, NY in the 1920’s, and so was exposed to traditional calypso music from an early age. The melody for “Jamaica Farewell” has its roots in traditional calypso music, but Burgie wrote the now-familiar lyrics, and adapted the melody to fit them.

This arrangement has 3 parts – melody, harmony, and backup, and the workshop CD will take you step by step through all three.  There are separate tracks for the verse and chorus for each part, culminating with a “play along” track at the end.


1. Demo / Intro
2. Melody Verse
3. Melody Chorus
4. Melody Verse/Chorus
5. Backup Demo
6. Backup Verse/Chorus
7. Harmony Demo
8. Harmony Verse
9. Harmony Chorus
10. Harmony Verse & Chorus
11. Putting It All Together

Click here to download an mp3 file of a short clip of this tune.

Item Name: "Jamaica Farewell - Workshop CD has its roots in traditional calypso music and is a 3 part arrangement by Tull Glazener"
Item Number: WCD005
Price: $13.00