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This month's Free Tablature is
"For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name"

traditional Irish aire, first published in 1847

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Just in time for St Patrick's Day celebrations, this month's free tab is an arrangement of the traditional Irish aire, "For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name".  It is thought to be based on a poem written by a native of County Kerry around 1810, and first published in 1847.   The poem is about a young man's secret love for his brother's wife.  Too poor to support her, and too shy to propose, he had gone abroad to seek his fortune.   But when he returned to claim his love, he found her married to his brother.  He composed a song for her, but for obvious reasons, refused to reveal her name.  Written in Old Gaelic, it's translated words include:

“There is a beautiful young maiden / On the far side of my farm / Generosity and kindness shine in her face / With the exceeding beauty of her countenance………/ And I longed to take her to my heart / Where I'd grant her pride of place / But for Ireland I'd not tell her name”.

Over the years, the song also morphed itself into a thinly veiled commentary on the political situation between Ireland and England, where the country of Ireland is personified as a "damsel in distress", appearing in a vision to the poet/singer pleading for assistance. Using such a political allegory was common in the days when an open discussion of the English was unwise at best.

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the tune being performed by the Irish folk band the Wolfe Tones: 

Wishing you all a Happy St Patrick's Day!

In music and friendship,




Last eve as I wandered quite near
To the border's of my little farm
A beautiful maiden appeared
Whose loveliness caused my heart's harm

By her daring and love smitten smile
And the words from her sweet lips that came
To meet her I raced the field o'er
But for Ireland I'd not tell her name

If this beauty but my words would heed
The words that I speak would be true
I'd help her in every need
And indeed all her work I would do

To win one fond kiss from my love
I'd read her romances of fame
Her champion I daily would prove
But for Ireland I'd not tell her name

There's a beautiful stately young maid
At the nearing of my little farm
She's welcoming kind unafraid
Her smile is both childlike and warm

Her gold hair in masses that grows
Like amber and sheen is that same
And the bloom in her cheeks like the rose
But for Ireland I'd not tell her name



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