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I have information posted on my Workshop Page regarding the variety of workshops that I teach at dulcimer clubs.  Please contact me if you would like to have a "Tull Glazener Workshop Day or Weekend".  Please visit my 2005 Schedule page to see which Music Festivals I will be at this coming year...

As interest in the mountain dulcimer continues to grow, there are many weekend music festivals, and even some week-long "dulcimer camps". Tull has been traveling around to various festivals, teaching workshops, and doing some concerts.The following is a partial list of festivals/workshops that Tull has participated in:

Great Plains Festival at Chicago, IL;
Appalachian Dulcimer Workshop in Boone, NC;
Augusta Heritage Festival at Elkins, WV;
Memphis Dulcimer Festival in Memphis, TN;
Cook Forest Folk Festival in Clarion, PA;
String-A-Long Folk Festival in Milwaukee, WI;
Ozark Folklife Center in Mt. View, AK;
Prairie Dulcimer Festival in Kansas City, MO;
Kentucky Music Weekend in Louisville, KY;
Brandywine Dulcimer Festival in Wilmington, DE;
Bayou Dulcimer Festival in New Orleans, LA;
Great Black Swamp Dulcimer Festival in Lima, OH;
Southern Michigan Dulcimer Festival in Hastings,MI;
Central Mississippi Dulcimer Festival in Jackson,MS;
Fraley Family Mt. Music Festival in Denton, KY;
National Trails Dulcimer Festival in Springfield, OH;
Central Ohio Folk Festival in Columbus, OH;
Dulcimer and Harp Convention in Cosby, TN;
White River Folk Festival in Fishers, IN;
Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, IN
Chataugua on the Wabash, New Harmony, IN
NE Indiana Folk Music Gathering, Shipshewana, IN
Dulcimer Days, Roscoe Village, Coschocton, OH
Tull is a former columnist  for a quarterly publication called "Dulcimer Players News", which is a must-read for anyone interested in these instruments! 
In Tullís own words:
   Nearly twenty years ago, I was given my first mountain dulcimer as a Christmas present. I had grown up playing piano, organ, and several brass instruments all through high school and college, but I had never seen or heard of a dulcimer before. Because it only has 3 strings, and only half the frets of most stringed instruments, I dismissed it as just a toy, and not a "real instrument". So I thanked the gift-giver profusely, put the dulcimer in a closet, and forgot about it.
   Several years later, I happened upon the Central Indiana Folk Music and Mountain Dulcimer Society's annual festival at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, and heard a couple of guest artists performing on the instrument. I was amazed at its versatility
and captivated by its sound. I immediately
went home and dug my mountain dulcimer
out the closet, joined the organization, found a
teacher to get me started, and have rarely
put it down since.

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Tull is a member of an old-time Indianapolis-based string band called the "Family Reunion String Band". They play and share old-time music. The band consists of dulcimers, autoharps, guitars, fiddle, bass, harmonica, jaw harp, mandolin, and banjo and plays at various county fairs, craft festivals, churches, nursing homes, civic organizations, and hospitals. 2001 marked the 26th year that the group played at the Indiana State Fair. Tull has performed with the group for the past dozen years. He also performs with his good friend Jim Sperry, a marvelous guitarist and vocalist  He also performs with Guy George and Demetrius Steinmetz
Conner Prairie 2002-White River Festival
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